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15 - New Jersey

Private School

xx    I have been going to a normal public school all my life like a normal (kind of), typical, american teenager and now I find out I’m going to a flippin private school. At first I thought my parents were kidding, like ME in a PRIVATE school? Lol, no. I’d stick out like a sore thumb. Come on, I mean I can barely utter a whole sentence without dropping an F-bomb or making an immature sexual reference ( 14 years of public schoolin for ya)

    Who was the first person to come up with a private school anyway? Like someone sat in a dark room for days thinking up the most RIDICULOUS rules and hideous uniforms ever to be imagined. You have not seen ugly until you have seen the trainwreck of a uniform I am forced to wear. Blue and grey plaid skirt with a dorky polo shirt and a random fcking BRIGHT RED SWEATER. In what world does that even make sense? (On a completly unrelated note, have you seen what the americans wore in the opening ceremonies!! That must have been a low day for Ralph Lauren.)

 Anywhore, idk how my parents even expect to pay for this, I mean were not some super rich kadrillijillonaires ( totes just made up a number) Nope, just some normal middle class family living about 30 mins from Philly. Lol not to mention the shitty uniforms cost $60!! And the shoes’ll cost you another $60, not the mention the bullsht gym uniforms, sweats, and tees! Yup, yup. They even have HEADBANDS.

   Oh gosh, my parents are NEVER going to let me live my life without bringing up the fact that they had to buy this sh.t. I have no idea what the kids are like in private school, so im googling/youtubing (like a baus) tips and sh.ts to survive this school year. I start Aug 29th so, I have to start preparing relatively quickly. Wish me luck? (P.S. Just so you know im not one of those teens/kid/aliens who complain all the fcking time about how supposedly “horrible” their life is nd crap. Being put in a private school is a great opportunity that many kids dont get to experience and is supposed to help me reach my full potential (so im told) but this is a TOTALLY new experience and I have been freaking out about for a good chunk of my summer so I just had to let it all out. Whew. Mmk.)

((P.S.S if you have any advice on how to get through it or any tips nd tricks, any at all PLEASE dont be afraid to say anything lol. I would really really appreciate it! I love you forever.)) xx